Eyewitness News at 6, August 14, 2012

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 Critics call it "reality Tv's Trashiest Sensation."
     It's a show on the T-L-C Network... And Central Georgia can proudly say it's filmed right here at home.
    Were talking about "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo"... The show shot in the tiny Wilkinson County town of McIntyre.

Population.. About a 1,000....
<Basic small town. Everybody knows everybody.>
Joe Kump serves as one of five officers on the McIntyre Police force.
<know 'em real good.>
Tom McFloyd lived next door the family....
<what they're doing on that show is not a put on.">
Angie Coats at the Chalk Miner's Diner... Believes what she's see on TV, too.
<i've known them for awhile, to me it was normal, because Ive seen them in action>
Michael Miskimen at the parts store doesn't know the family. He's only heard about them.
<I don't think they telling that bunch what to do, from what I hear now. They might be bleeping out a bunch, but that's about it.>
Others argue it's scripted. Pamela Roberts is the city clerk... And works across the street from Honey Boo Boo's home.
<they're definitely putting on a little bit. A lot of a little bit, put it that way.>
<the way they script it, they kind of made some folks look like backwoods rednecks.>
McFloyd sees why some may call the family's behavior... Uncouth
<probably the farting and stuff on TV, but that's stuff they do. If you went to the house now, they're liable to do that.">
We did go to the house. Nothing unmannerly happened. In fact... Mom... June Shannon was very polite and willing to talk to us on camera. It was her New York publicist that kept the interview from happening. 
<shannon said the mixed reviews from the community, don't really bother her, that you're going to get opinions with anything. She did say what you see on the TLC show is what you'll get at their home in McIntyre.>
And while the debate rages on....
<they really making us look crazy!>
<we can't wait until this Wednesday to watch it.>
All agree... in one way or another..
<it's going to draw people in. They want to see where Honey Boo Boo comes from>
The show just might put McIntyre... And its people....
<I been thinking about this new show, and they might put me on there if I act just right.>
on the map.

 When I went to the house yesterday... Alana Thompson... aka Honey Boo Boo... Was at school along with her sisters.
    The father who they call... Sugar Bear... Was at work. He works for a company that's a contractor of the chalk      mines... And is also a volunteer fire fighter, according to police officer Joe Kump.
You also talked with the mom June Shannon. Was she like her character on TV?
Yes and No. She was very friendly and easy to talk to. She welcomed me onto their property and was happy to talk with us. Once the publicist said no to the interview, she didn't want to break the rules of her contract, which was understandable. She didn't do or say anything that stood out to me, although there were still Christmas lights on their house. Were still working on getting that interview scheduled with the publicist in New York. June did say that People magazine would be at the house today for an interiew.
Thanks, Lorra.
     "here Comes Honey-Boo-Boo airs Wednesday night at 10 p.m. On TLC.


  Tonight's web poll question asks:        So far....84 percent of you say no...16 percent say yes.
   To vote now... Visit 13WMAZ.com.
   Look for the question on the right side of the homepage.

 Today marks the last day on the job for the interim director of Macon-Bibb Animal Services.
     Deborah Biggs signed on in June. 
     We weren't able to talk to Biggs today. We were told she was too busy... But Brittiny Barber shows us what's next for the department.
     Another new era begins at Macon Bibb Animals Services... As the interim director... Deborah Biggs' contract ends.
<she was a consultant.  she came in and offered assistance on an interim basis and that assignment comes to and end.>
     Commissioner Lonzy Edwards says Biggs was hired help the county learn the uncharted territory of running shelter.

<there have been a lot of things that have been recommended, I mean just the cleanliness of the facility for example. >
<we're making good progress towards getting the position filled and hopefully within a month we'll have somebody in place who can give leadership on a permanent basis.>
   Since the county took over animal services on July first... Edwards says tehy've worked on some long standing issues like food storage... Building management.. And keeping a smooth working relationship with everyone involved.
     He says unfortunately some of those decisions have cost animals their lives.
<mistakes have been made. Things, you know, probably were done that should not have been done. >
     But Edwards says county leaders continue to work to make Animal Welfare a better place for pets... And people alike.
     Brittiny Barber 13wmaz eyewitness news
    Edwards says he hopes the county will have the new shelter built sooner than they initially thought.
     He says it could be completed within 12 to 18 months... instead of 2 years.

A week from today, Bibb County voters will go to the polls to vote in run off elections but some will also cast votes in school board primaries. 
   This year's issues include the direction of the school district... and Superintendent Romain Dallemand's Macon Miracle strategic plan.
     Today, Candace Adorka introduces you to the two democratic candidates for district three. 

For the past 4 years, Susan Sipe has been representing District three, which mostly covers South Bibb county. 
As she seeks another term, she says she's still the same person she was before she took office. 
<one of the things people have to understand is I am not a career politician. I am a wife, a mother, and a grandmother. I started out getting involved in PTA at heard elementary school. We stayed totally involved in PTA as our children went thorugh the entire school system after our children married, went to college, had children of their own, when my granddaughter was about to enter Heard as a kindergartener is when my husband and I talked about the fact that I needed to get back in the school system.>

But Merritt Johnson, a 36-year-old insurance agent, says he's the right man for the job.
He mentors local youth through the local chapter of his college fraternity. Those young people keyed him into issues in the school district, and he says when he found out, he had to live up to his own message. 
<I let them know that anything is possible and if you don't like your certain situation, you gotta do whatever it takes to make it change. So if I can preach it, I can do it. So I definitely want to improve the morale on the school board, I wanna make a difference.>
Sipe has been board treasurer three times and she chairs the fiscal support committee. So while she positions herself as a warrior for fiscal responsibility,  Johnson says his strength is being able to bring people together.  
<right now, it seems like there's a lot of infighting among board members. I feel like sometimes theres a line that's drawn and there's a couple of school board members on this line, and a couple of school board members on the other line. We need to come together. We need to work as a group, as a team to improve the entire system. I'm used to working in large groups so I'm gonna be definitely, be another open ear, be willing to work within the school board to be willing to do whatever it takes to make a difference.>
<school board members actually only have 3 responsibilities and one of those is helping to set the budget. It's very important. We're on this school board for a reason, where there to not only ensure that our students become properly prepared to go into the world, but also we have to be good stewards of the publics money>  
The landmark issue before the board this year has been the Macon Miracle strategic plan. 
Sipe voted against the plan because she said it lacks details. 
Johnson says it's time to move on from the debate.
<it's up to the community to make it successful. So, it's been passed, it was infront of us, we just need to give the students everything they need to make it work. So you think the community needs to get behind this plan? Well I think the community needs to get behind our children.>
<generally in business when you prepare a strategic plan, for five years, you have an individual item but then you know how much it's gonna cost and you know the ramifications. When the plan was presented to us, it did not include that part. I just was not comfortable with passing that plan as it was.>

To find out more about the candidates, look for the extended interviews on our homepage 13 wmaz dot com. 
Candace Adorka 13 wmaz eyewitness news. 
   The candidate who takes the prize next Tuesday will have to continue campaigning.
He or she will face republican Angela Freeman in November's general election.


  The Museum of Aviation is in need of volunteers.  They're searching for helpers to assist and greet guest, work security, and help in restoration.
 Volunteer Coordinator... Dan Hart says they need to staff the museum 7 days a week.  He says they have maintain and operate 4 buildings.
     Bobbie Browning became a volunteer today and says she can't wait to get started.
<I think it's going to be a very exciting experience for me and I hope that I will be able to help people who come in to observe and to look around and to give them information about the history of aviation>
Volunteers work a 4 hour shift either in the morning or the afternoon.
If you would like to volunteer at the Museum of Aviation you can call Dan Hart at (478) 926-4242.  Again that number is (478)-926-4242.

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