Eyewitness News at 7:00. August 11, 2012

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<Following four years of failed leadership, the hopes of our country, which have inspired the world, are growing dim; and they need someone to revive them. Governor Romney is the man for this moment; >
Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan has whole-heartedly accepted Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney's request to be his running mate...
Thanks for joining us for this special 7 o'clock edition of Eyewitness News at 6... I'm Candace Adorka.

Romney made his announcement this morning.
Ines Ferre has the latest on the campaign.
Mitt Romney introduced his running mate - Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan - as a man of integrity at rally in Norfolk, Virginia.
He's pledging the Republicans' top priority will be the economy.


Ryan is a 7-term congressman and chairman of the House Budget Committee.


The 42-year-old authored the controversial house-backed-budget plan that called for an overhaul of entitlement programs including Medicare.
(GRAPHIC)But President Obama's campaign says Ryan's plan would " ...end Medicare as we know it."

Republicans hope the pro-life father of three will energize the conservative base.
House Speaker John Boehner says Ryan is a reformer who will work with Romney to (GRAPHIC) "get our country, and our economy, back on track."


Ryan and his family are joining Romney for a bus tour of swing states.
The V-P candidate took aim at the Obama Administration at a stop in Ashland, Virginia.


But, Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz says the Romney-Ryan ticket doesn't have the answers.

(1:17-1:23) (SOT Debbie Wasserman Schultz/ Democratic National Committee Chair) MITT ROMNEY AND PAUL RYAN BOTH TOP DOWN AND BACKWARD FOR THE AMERICAN WORKER


President Obama is in Chicago for fundraisers and is scheduled to begin his own bus tour through Iowa on Monday.


Romney's announcement did have one hiccup-- he accidentally introduced Ryan as the next PRESIDENT not V-P.
<Join me in welcoming the President of the US, Paul Ryan! (Applause)
---BUTT TO---
Every now and then I'm known to make a mistake. I did not make a mistake with this guy, but I can tell you he's going to be the next VICE president of the US. >
It's a mistake President Obama made four years ago.
<"Let me introduce to you, the next president... the next vice president of the United States of America! Joe Biden!" >


From a national response to a local one...Judy Le spoke to people in Macon about their thoughts on the V-P pick.
Romney's choice left Macon conflicted. I hit the streets to see what people are saying about Paul Ryan...and some are buzzing with excitement.
<he seems to have a handle on the nation's economy and the need for a balanced budget.>
<i'm very elated he was picked. I think my first choice would've been Rubio but now that i've learned a little bit about Ryan, I'm very pleased with him. >
<he's an excellent choice for a running mate. I think he'll add balance to the ticket and hopefully he'll push Romney over the top. >

I also talked to people who didn't care about Romney announcing Ryan as his vice presidential running mate. They declined to go on camera...but one woman from Macon told me there was no point in Romney choosing Ryan...when he wasn't going to win. Another woman just shook her head when I asked her what she thought....and she just said...she was pro-Obama.

The biggest response we've received is on our Facebook page.
Jessica Bailey agrees with Romney's choice. She thinks It'll be a change needed to freshen up the White House.
But the choice didn't matter to Sherman Pitts. He's all about re-electing our 44th President...Barack Obama for 4 more years."
And Regina Register is in the middle. She is pro-Obama...but agrees with Romney's decision in choosing Ryan as his counterpart.
Although there are mixed responses between the Romney and Ryan pairing...the duo is sure to shake things up.
Judy Le...13wmaz...eyewitness news
Ryan is best known for his controversial budget plan that includes an overhaul of Medicare...which Democrats say will target seniors.


We had our own kind of presidential buzz right here in Central Georgia.
Some of our Facebook fans alerted us of a possible George Bush sighting last night in Macon.
People say the saw him at the Back Burner Restaurant off Ingleside Drive.
The waiters there tell us if it wasn't him... they served someone who was a pretty good look-alike.
Chef Christian Losito said he cooked filet mignon and an apple crumble with vanilla ice cream for the man.
They couldn't confirm it really was President Bush... but it wouldn't be the first time a celebrity ate at the Back Burner.
Olivia Newton John and Dolly Parton have both stopped by.


A train and a truck collided in Houston County this afternoon.
It happened at the intersection of Highway 247 and West Houston Drive.
Houston County Sheriff's Deputy Justin Hall says the man driving truck was hurt, but his injuries were not life threatening. In fact, he was alert while at the scene, but emergency crews took him to the hospital.
The scene has since been cleared.
We'll update you on this story as more details become available.


Georgia shoppers are enjoying the last day of tax free weekend.
The tax holiday is meant to give a break to families shopping for school supplies.
Backpacks, uniforms, and shoes were hot items at Academy Sports in Macon.
Store Director, Matthew Banks, says they were well prepared for the crowds.
< Matthew Banks, Store Manager, Academy Sports: We get a lot of extra trucks with our uniform business being what it is. With our sister store being up in Warner Robins soon. I think that would help. There's been a lot of business too with academy sports dot com. You can purchase a lot of things.>
Tax free weekend ends tonight.


A Warner Robins non-profit is in the running to win a new vehicle...But, first they'll need some help from the community.
Happy Hour Service Center helps people with developmental disabilities sharpen job skills... then helps them find work.
They also provide transportation for the workers.
The center is now one of 500 finalists in Toyota's 100 Cars for Good program... where people select a cause to receive a car.
Those who work at Happy Hour say a new car would go a long way to continue their work.
< Staci Price, Happy Hour Service Center: They enjoy working out in the community. They enjoy having a schedule.
LaDonna Sturn, Job Coach, Happy Hour Service Center: We get a lot of miles on the car, over 160 miles everyday. Just from transporting from Macon to Perry to Warner Robins, Fort Valley, Hawkinsville. >
You can go to 100-cars-for-good-dot-com to vote.
Voting opens tomorrow from 10 a-m to 11 p-m.




Packaged apple slices sent to McDonalds and Burger king restuarants in some states are included in nationwide recall due to possible listeria contamination.
Officials say the they distributed the fruit to fast food and grocery chains.
Missa Bay... the company who makes the slices say they went out to 36 states and the district of columbia.
So far no illnessess have been reported... But the bacteria was found on equipment used to make the slices.
Recalled products have a use by date of July 8 through August 2th.
For more information you can contact Ready Pac at 1-800-800-7822.


The widespread drought is continuing to wreak havoc on crops across the Midwest.. Including corn.
The U-S department of Agriculture project a massive slump in the corn harvest.
That means we can soon expect a surge in corn prices.
The U-S-D-A is forecasting farm prices for corn to hit record highs this season... Up to 8 dollars and 90 cents a bushel.
Experts say you can also expect an increase in the price of meat... Since corn is used to feed cattle.



Neil Armstrong... The first man to walk on the moon is recovering this weekend from heart surgery.
His wife says he's quote amazingly resilient and making progress.
She went on to say that in the days since the 82- year old went into the operating room... He's been able to get out of bed... And walk up and down the corridor.
The Armstrongs live in Cincinnatti... But haven't released which hospital is taking care of the former astronaut.
Armstrong commanded the Apollo 11 spacecraft that landed on the moon in 1969.


Armstrong can now get a taste of his old life from his hospital room.
NASA crews teamed up with Google to create a new 3-d map of their rover curiosity's landing on the surface of Mars earlier
The video shows real simulation data of the rover's arrival on the Red planet.
You can see the parachute deploying...and about 10 seconds later the heat shield separates.
A couple minutes later you can see the rover reach the surface of Mars.
NASA say the entire thing went off as planned.
Curiosity is on a two-year mission.
Scientist hope it will help answer questions about the existence of life on the planet.

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