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6:02 PM, Aug 6, 2012   |    comments
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Our top story tonight... Little League tournament play... As the Warner Robins boys stayed alive with a Monday morning victory..

WRALL defeated Alabama four to one..

Courtney Lyle tells us what that means and what's next.


Frank and Leah the WRALL team is heading to the semifinals with their victory today over Bama.

They dropped their first game on Friday to North Carolina and had to win out to advance and they did just that.

Kody Winner was exceptional on the mound this morning... He pitched the entire game and struck out eight batters.

Now he has to sit out for four straight days before he's allowed to pitch again... That would mean unless it rains on Friday Winner is out until Williamsport.

But this really shouldn't be a huge issue for Georgia... They have a lot of depth in the pitching department.

Leyton Pinckney and Tee Adams are just some of the answers on the mound for WRALL.

Pinckney was also contributing offensively today.. He got Georgia on the board with a 2-run homer.

After securing their spot in the semifinals Managar Martin Pinckney says their defense is back to par.

< Martin Pinckney: "defensively we are definatley back to where we were. Offensively, we're still struggling a little bit. I will say I do give credit to Alabama's pitching. That first pitcher located very well. It was outside, inside espcially with prodominatly a fastball. Typically, it's hard to pitch that well with an off-speed pitch, but they pitched a great game. We need to swing the bat better. If we want to have some more success, so we'll work on that between now and wednesday.>

WRALL now waits to see the outcome of the four o-clock and seven o-clock games... Which will determine who and when they play on Wednesday.


The Little League coverage continues on Twitter.

Follow it... Under the handle #WRALL.

While the WRALL boys were on the diamond today... Thousands of other children across Central Georgia were back in classrooms.

The 2012-2013 school year started today in several districts...

Bibb County students return one week from today...on the thirteenth.

Houston County kids already have three days under their belts...they returned last Thursday.

And as the year began there... It did so with a newly elected school board member.... With a successful election just two days behind him.

Leah's in studio with Dave McMahan.

Dave McMahan just won his election last Tuesday... He joins the Houston County School board... Which is made up of seven members who serve four year terms.

Dave... What's the first thing you want to accomplish?

What do you see as the greatest area of improvement?

Bibb County is bringing Mandarin Chinese into the school system as part of the Superintendents' Macon miracle strategic plan. How would you make Houston County students internationally competitive?

Dave McMahan... Good luck to you and thank you.

While electoral victory is less than a week behind some candidates...many of you are already looking ahead to November.

In our 13WMAZ web poll today... We asked if you know which presidential candidate will get your vote.

An overwhelming ninety percent of you have made your decision...

Only ten percent of you are undecided.

To vote now... Visit 13WMAZ.com.

Look for the question on the right side of the homepage.

Today... Bibb County's commission members are discussing the future...of leadership at the Animal Shelter.

Jennifer Moulliet sat in on a special called meeting. She joins us now by phone with an update.

Thank you, Jennifer. We'll have much more on that tonight at eleven.

Three crimes took place this morning and...Macon police are investigating to see if they're connected.

It all started around 2 a-m with a burglary..and a fight...at a home on Oglesby Place. That's off Eisenhower Parkway. Judy Le follows the crime trail .

I spoke to the renters....Ely Broughman (bro-man) and Abby Yanez (yah-nes). Broughman says two masked and armed men broke into the back of the house.

Yanez called police...as Broughman and a third roommate got into a fight.

Broughman says only one masked man was caught.

That man was arrested and had a bag...with a playstation...cell phones...and cash from their home.

About two hours later... gunfire was heard at Sherwood Arms Apartments on Bloomfield Drive.... Just a few blocks away. A man told police he was getting out of his car when a masked man with a gun approached him...and started shooting.The man told police he was hit in the leg. The shooter ran off.

Just down the street...and just a few minutes later...another man told police he was shot. He said he was walking down Bloomfield Drive when he saw several men arguing. He said shots were fired...and one of them struck him in the buttocks.

Police say both men are hospitalized tonight.>

Macon police identified the man who allegedly robbed the Oglesby home as 20-year-old Orlando Franklin. He's in the Bibb County jail...facing armed robbery....and aggravated assault charges.

Police spokeswoman Jami Gaudet says they're still investigating all three reports..and whether they're connected. She says they're not releasing any further information...including the name of the person arrested.

Macon's city council tomorrow night is scheduled to vote on a proposed policy on who can be honored by a memorial on city property...and who can't.

The issue came up before the council after President James Timley objected to a park bench...in honor of murdered Mercer Law student Lauren Giddings.

Timley objected...saying it was too vague...and said the city should honor only people who've contributed greatly to the city.

But no other members supported him.

Giddings friends and classmates have offered to pay for a bench in her honor...in downtown's Washington Park.

They also plan a concert in her honor there...on August 26th.

There's a new resource for first responders.... The Georgia Trauma Commission launched its new communications network statewide last month

er explains how it can help you get to the appropriate hospital.. In the case of an emergency.

The Georgia Trauma Commission was formed in 2007.. from Senate bill 60.

Central Georgia State Senator Cecil Staton was one of the sponsors.

This past year the Mercer Bears finished their second season in Division 1 lacrosse and lost head coach Jason Childs in the process.

This afternoon, athletic director Jim Cole announced their new top man to lead the Bears into the future.

Cole introduced, Kyle Hannan to a ballroom full of student athletes, fellow coaches and Mercer supporters.

Hannan comes from Goucher College in Maryland after a 12 year stint with the Gophers.

He brings 19 years experience as a head coach and says he is eager to help Mercer lay the foundation for developing the program while bringing a winning tradition to the Orange and Black.





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