Macon's '42' Film Sets a Year Later

6:37 PM, Apr 12, 2013   |    comments
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Lights, camera, and Jackie Robinson came to Macon last year with the filming of the movie 42. Film crews took over many iconic Central Georgia spots like Luther Williams baseball park and Second Street. 

Now, the Hollywood makeover may have worn-off, but the memories of It have not. 

Ashfaq Siddiqui said they filmed a Jackie Robinson scene in his Quick Mart on Second Street. 

"They took the store to make the scene for the Jackie Robinson you know. He's walking in my store and they turn my store into the medical store or pharmacy you know and then he grab some Pepto Bismol bottle you know and he just pay and walk out," said Siddiqui. 

Anderson's Jewelry said film crews were supposed to use the storefront but didn't. 

"Someone doing a scene running from out of the rain underneath the storefront but unfortunately due to them running behind schedule they weren't able to do that," said Montana Rayson. 

Businesses say whether they are featured prominently in the movie or not. There are no small parts nor small businesses. 

"Man, it's just, it's exciting, it's gonna be a huge movie, a very exciting movie just to be a part of it is incredible," said Bob Berg.

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