'42' Films Last Few Scenes at Luther Williams Field

6:26 PM, Jun 19, 2012   |    comments
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Call time for "42" started at 6:30 a.m Tuesday morning for scenes at Luther Williams Field. That's when extras rolled in, as well as a few curious people hoping to catch a glimpse of movie magic.

"I've never seen, in front of my very eyes, somebody shoot a movie so it was kind of very surprising to me," says 11-year-old Janiya Pales from Washington County.

Camera-carrying fans looking for star-studded pictures struck out.

"I didn't see a way I could get through with the guards down there so I circled around," says 77-yo Pat Bowie.

"The officer said we couldn't get in today," says Pales.

Eileen Hyer from Macon says, "It's a very big disappointment."

There's only one day of filming left, and it's at the ballpark.

Ernie Malik, the spokesperson for '42,' says Harrison Ford left Macon, but Christopher Meloni and Chadwick Boseman are still inside filming alongside about 300 extras.

Since the filming began nearly two weeks ago, fans have been on superstar watch. "Today we were driving around High St. to try to find the house on Orange St., but they already filmed there," says Hyer.

It's better luck next time. "Next time, I'm sure they'll be a next time in Macon, I'll plan a little better," she says.

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