Interview: Will Minor League Baseball Return to Macon?

10:13 AM, Jun 21, 2012   |    comments
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Thanks to the local filming of "42," the movie about Jackie Robinson, there's been a lot of talk about baseball.

Mike Ford, CEO of NewTown Macon, speaks with WMAZ's Lorra Lynch Jones about what it would take to bring Minor League Baseball back to Macon. 

In short? The answer is a new stadium, and Ford explains how that might happen and why he thinks it should be in downtown Macon. 

Why not fix up Luther Williams Field, which used to house the Macon Braves?

The cost of renovating would be less than new construction, but Ford says a new stadium would spur economic growth downtown by supporting--and perhaps helping start--businesses around the location. 

NewTown Macon is currently renovating the old Capricorn Records studios on Martin Luther King, Jr., Boulevard.

Ford says the area right behind Capricorn could be the perfect location for a stadium: lots of space for parking and within walking distance of downtown attractions and restaurants.

He calls for a public-private partnership to make it happen. 

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